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    Enrollment Information

    Please contact Judy Ringgold at 598-5789.

    An enrollment packet is attached below in PDF format.

    School Counseling
  • 2018-2019 Testing Information

    Visit the Testing page linked here to view specific dates and information for 2018-2019 Testing.

    School Counseling

School Counseling Staff

Judy Ringgold School Counseling Secretary 804-598-5789 and FAX 804-598-0036
Kelyn Captain A-B (part-time), Homebound 804-598-5710 (ext. 312)
Chrissie Holley C-E, School Counseling Director 804-598-5710 (ext. 311)
Doug Reimondo F-L, Alternative Education, Scholarship Co-coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 310)
Caryn Rehme M-R, Career Day, College Recruiters 804-598-5710 (ext. 308)
Sarah Baltimore S-Z, Dual Enrollment, Scholarship Co-coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 309)
Marie Crump Testing Coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 304)
Rick Cole Career Coach 804-598-5710 (ext. 346)
GRASP Adviser Financial Aid Coordinator 804-598-5710 (ext. 316)
Sharon Faubert Attendance Officer, GED 804-598-5710 (ext. 307)

 Kelyn Captain Chrissie HolleyDoug ReimondoCaryn RehmeSarah BaltimoreJudy Ringgold